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Financial – Banking

bespoke dog-spa-wellness and private bankingSouth African banking systems are modern and easily accessible thanks to ATMs and branches located all around the city. Foreign Exchange transactions can be done at the airport, in banks, hotels, at the V&A Waterfront and any place where overseas visitors congregate in numbers.


Maps and Weather

Cape Town summers are Mediterranean in character with long, sunny days and balmy nights. Cape Town’s Green Season stretches from April to September and refers to the area’s wetter, winter months. In spring (October and November) visitors opt to explore the Cape’s West Coast north of Cape Town, to witness the splendour of a flower explosion that follows the rains.

Maps of the area are available on-line, at the airport, at any bookseller, curio shop and petrol garage. Cape Town is reached by two main arteries and the city is easy to navigate. The city centre can be explored on foot in a morning, while Sea Point is known for its scenic walking facilities next to the ocean.

Doctor Sitting By Male Patient's Bed In HospitalVIP Medical

Western Cape private medical facilities offer excellent care. Some of the best include Netcare, the Medi-Clinic, Rondebosch Medical Centre and Melomed Private Hospital. Back in the late Sixties Professor Christiaan Barnard already performed cutting-edge surgery in Cape Town with a kidney transplant and the first human-to-human heart transplant.



South Africa is proud to be a multi-lingual country with eleven official languages. English however, is the language of business and is widely spoken. Multi-lingual translators and teachers are available locally to assist instances/individuals requiring such services. It would be a good idea to make enquiries in advance when in need of these specialised skills.

South Africa is known as the Rainbow Nation for a reason. Settlers and descendants here range from the San and African people, to Dutch, German, Portuguese and French, British, East European (Jewish), Oriental and East Indian in heritage.


South Africa – News

South African journalists enjoy freedom of expression and the country offers a wide spectrum of daily and weekly newspapers and magazines. There are 24-hour local news stations operating country wide and apart from four regular TV channels, DSTV (pay TV) provides access to anything from the latest sports and news channels, to movies, documentaries and foodie information. With a smart phone you can keep abreast of what’s happening almost anywhere in the country, bar perhaps the most remote and extreme wilderness areas.

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