Cape Town Luxury Travel Guide for the film & production industry™ provides decision-makers with the most exciting and latest in the film, television, broadcast and creative industries in Cape Town. Showcasing the best and most luxurious that Cape Town as a production, leisure, sport and tourism destination has to offer.

luxury yachting, models, dining in Cape Town

The Cape Town area can facilitate major television, film and commercial productions. This is thanks to the city’s scenic locations, large in-house film studios, pre- and post-production facilities and production facilitators.

In view of the huge demand, Cape Town has set up a specialised film office. The city boasts a high standard of model agencies, models, talent, actors, castings and productions that can compete with the best anywhere.

Mission Statement: 

Cape Town is world renown Film, Stills, TVC , Tv and Music Video Productions Hub in South AfricaOur mission is to assist decision-makers in the film, television and broadcast industries. We want them to consider filming their advertising campaigns, feature films, sporting events and the like in the greater Cape Town area. Afterwards they can explore the luxury and splendour of Cape Town with their family, friends and associates.

Making a difference:

It is our aim to make the world aware of the large number of underprivileged children in South Africa and what we do to offer them better opportunities.  These include an introduction to the Cape Town modelling and talent industry – an industry where there are rarely bursaries or loans available to assist them.  These children have dreams and aspirations and may well have the talent to make it to the top if just given the opportunity.

Cape Town background:

Cape Town sits on a peninsula at the southern tip of Africa at the foot of Table Mountain and overlooks Table Bay with its functioning harbour.  Discovered by the Portuguese but settled by the Dutch East India Company in the 17th Century, Cape Town brings together a Muslim community known as the Cape Malays, European and African descendants, as well as Cape Coloureds (Creoles). At Cape Point two oceans meets – the Indian and the Atlantic and a multitude of beaches provides both locals and visitors with fantastic opportunities to swim, surf, dive, fish and see penguins and baboons just minutes from the city centre.

The City of Cape Town enjoys a majestic setting and beautiful vistas, plus luxury venues at every turn, including 5-star hotels, restaurants, art galleries, theaters, spas and entertainment spots. Table Mountain is also one of the New7Wonders of Nature ! Known for its laid-back and liberal vibe, Cape Town was voted the Best Place in the World to visit by the New York Times in 2014.